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Specific examples of individuals dealing with the Crown allow for an understanding of how religion affected passage into the New World.Francisca de Figueroa, an African-Iberian woman seeking entrance into the Americas, petitioned the Spanish Crown in 1600 in order to gain a license to sail to Cartagena.The ability to regulate the flow of people enabled the Spanish Crown to keep a grip on the religious purity of its overseas empire.The Spanish Crown was rigorous in their attempt to allow only Christians passage to the New World and required proof of religion by way of personal testimonies.Political independence resulted in political and economic instability in Spanish America immediately after independence.Great Britain and the United States exercised significant influence in the post-independence era, resulting in a form of neo-colonialism, whereby a country's political sovereignty remained in place, but foreign powers exercised considerable power in the economic sphere.Brazil, which had become a monarchy separate from Portugal, became a republic in the late nineteenth century.Political independence from European monarchies did not result in the abolition of black slavery in the new sovereign nations.

Since the crown wished to exclude anyone who was non-Christian (Jews, crypto-Jews, and Muslims) passing as Christian, travelers' backgrounds were vetted.These codices contained information about astrology, religion, Gods, and rituals.There are four codices known to exist today; these are the Dresden Codex, Paris Codex, Madrid Codex, and HI Codex.Experience in the region indicates a promising path for moving forward both in terms of political impact, with a view to placing the issue firmly on the public agenda, and in the production of new knowledge that will improve the design of instruments and deepen the analysis of available information. Where does unpaid work stand in current debates onwell-being? Experience with surveys on time use and unpaid work inthe region .-- III. The term "Latin America" primarily refers to the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries in the New World.

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However, highly developed civilizations flourished at various times and places, such as in the Andes and Mesoamerica.

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