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Following her traumatic encounter with the snakes, Audrey went insane.

The ceremonies were probably performed nude, as Silas Bishop once saw an unclothed Lavinia and Wilbur running up Sentinel Hill on Hallowe'en [Dunwich 161, 162, 181].The Old Ones regarded Yig as the principle of life symbolized as the Father of all Serpents; their cryptic shrines to Yig were lavish and remarkable [136], surrounded by embowering groves [144].Among the Old Ones, days were of variable length, and said to be timed by the tail-beats of Yig [137].In their calendar, the year was measured by Yig's annual shedding of his skin [137].Among the Old Ones, the cult of Yig coexisted with worship of Tulu (Cthulhu), and was briefly rivaled also by the cult of Tsathoggua [141].

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