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It was an old Calypso by Singing Sandra “Die with my Dignity” a song so relevant in today’s Guyanese society.Sing on Sandra, “You looking out to find something to do, you meet a boss man who, to get to work, you have to go to bed with he, become a slave, second wife, and deputy.I have many interests and would love to also explore/experience new ones/hobbies. Live with y mother and other four siblings, my dad migrate...By Ralph Seeram A world famous singer was coming to Guyana and a friend wanted VIP tickets for the show, and inquired if I can use “my connection through another connection” to get the ticket.Georgetown, Guyana Female, 31 Hi, I am a quiet person who enjoys reading ,writing , listening to music ,learing about different cultures and places. I would love to make friends with people from around the world.

At Girl Friends Meet you'll get a secure, fun and engaging online community to browse women in your area,interact, chat and share interests. You can chat, follow, like photos and even meet other women who share your same interests very easily.I asked why VIP tickets; she explained that because of the kind of business she is in, it will give her an opportunity to promote and network her business. The sexual exploitation of women in Guyana is one of the suppressed secrets in the society, it exists, it’s prevalent, but hardly anyone speaks out about it.The tickets were expensive; she admitted that she could get the tickets on her own, but unlike men, “If a woman asks a favour in Guyana you have to GIVE a favour. Someone shared a song on my Facebook page, which prompted me to write this article.The problem is some women, especially single mothers, cannot afford to die with their “dignity”, when they have to put food on the table. Obviously if she has to choose between her “dignity” and food for the kids, you know what the answer is going to be. “They want to feel up you navel and your breast, they want to see if you have lutuh on your chest, they think they can do you with the hand, like if they searching to find the Promised Land.” Back in my days as a reporter in Berbice, you gain the trust and confidence of men and women in position of power.I was out with a very prominent person on the Corentyne, when he stopped at a residence.

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