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If one of you can get your hands on a cane, then this is sure to be a Halloween costume for the books.Becuase humans with iridescent scaley tales the can breathe underwater are sorta cute... Like I said, Halloween is the perfect time to indulge your wildest fantasies.All Darwin needs are some blue shorts, a blue and white striped tank, and a monkey mask. And that poor kid Christopher Robin who had no human friends to speak of?Well, here's your chance to pay homage to these lovable relics from the past.Kristina I am playful and cheerful, with me you will never know what does being in a bad mood means, or simply not having the mood or desire to do something, and you will definitely feel how your abs will hurt from too much laughter, as this is what i love the most!For those couples who don't mind getting their hands dirty, spending Halloween drenched in a pint of fake blood and gory costume makeup is a walk in the park.Whoever's playing Eliza just needs some brown oxfords or hiking boots, binoculars, a red turtleneck, and a yellow dress or dress-length shirt.

Any woman who includes a picture with a cute animal is easy to send a first message to.Plus, if you can hobble around on a flipper all night, then you are truly a hero to us all.For those of you who would like to go the more symbolic route, there are tons of mermaid style dresses that give you the look without the mobility issue.The tale of Drake and Rihanna (or Aub Rih, if you like) is a long and complicated one.The two met back in 2005 and have collaborated on quite a few songs since then, but despite having a habit of grinding on each other and professing their love in front of packed stadiums, they haven't gone official with the 'dating' status.

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Christopher can throw on some blue shorts, a white polo shirt, and yellow t-shirt. Head on down to your local thrift store and grab a couple argyle sweaters, a polo for grandpa and a long skirt for grandma, and half the war is won.

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  1. The cell phone of choice these days is the latest J-Phone model. Small, shell pink and so kawaii, it runs anywhere between 25,000 to 45,000 yen, depending on whether you want the mini digital camera option. The girls tell me the cell phones and beepers come in handy when the "dates" want to continue the "conversations". About 10 years ago, "telephone clubs" began to open everywhere. In a desperate attempt to win them back, I wiggle my hips back and forth and shout out, mambo, mambo. "I knew you would ask," Mariko finally says and tosses her hair. Many high profile cases shocked the public, especially those where the people buying the sex where men in positions of high public trust, such as teachers, police officers, and even a judge.