Eoghan quigg and diana vickers dating

Eoghan Quigg has denied rumours he’s romancing fellow X Factor contestant Diana Vickers.

Tabloid reports suggested the pair have been getting close, despite the fact that Diana, 17, has a boyfriend, student Chris Jones, 18. ‘I know there has been speculation about us,’ he says.

finalist invited 16-year-old Eimer Morran on stage at a gig at The Abbey Hotel.

A fan who attended the show said: "He brought her on stage and was very affectionate towards her."He sang to her, then kissed her intensely at the end of the song."Eimar, whose nickname is Molly, reportedly confirmed that the couple are dating to his fans.

Diana spoke as she gave a ‘behind closed doors’ gig in Preston yesterday.

Eoghan said meeting Diana, a former Westholme pupil, was the ‘best experience of his life’.

“They don’t care who knows they’re an item any more,” said a show insider.

"I’ll tell him everything to do with me and Eoghan and I’d never cheat on anyone in my life.” Describing fresh-faced 16-year-old Eoghan, Diana, 17, said: “People look at him like he’s a 10-year-old boy or something. Diana Vickers has denied reports shes having a relationship with fellow X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg. At first he questioned me on it, but now we laugh about it, she says.The couple sparked rumours of a romance when they were snapped cosying up together in the back of a cab at the weekend. ‘She’s the most attractive girl in the house for me, but there isn’t anything like that going on.no hes dating Amy long from Ireland shes orgnally from belfast dey now from parents dere perfect 2gether dey mite be moving in 2gether awww no they are not.

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Both made it through to next week, while over-25 singer Rachel Hylton got the boot.

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