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But many rich and successful gay sugar daddies do not want to date with gay men living with HIV, which is the reason why we launched this app to meet their needs.” The policy has naturally been met with disgust from the community.

A different dating app earlier this year launched a feature which lets people match to lookalikes of their favourite celebrities.

Within minutes you can be chatting with hot men all looking for a quick hookup and perhaps more.

Sadly not everyone on these sites is looking for fun.

He had taken three or four ecstasy tablets in the hour before meeting Mr Vitale, as well as an intravenous shot of amphetamines.

Last Thursday, having released from his psychiatric hospital on day release, Jennings again met a man via the internet, went to their home, tied the occupant and stole is car.

He told INTO: “No one would like to date people living with HIV unless he is living with it.

Only last month I was told of a mate who visited a home of someone he met via a chat room.

When he arrived he noticed there were three cars parked in the front of the house after the hookup said he was home alone.

If your facial and body is turning white, your considered a Polar Bear! These are the reasons, for me, why I fell in love with Bears.

There are a lot of older gay men who never identified themselves with boyishness or effeminate males that many in the gay mainstream culture tends to worship. They are not trying to mimic a male-female relationship.

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But I don’t understand why they like skinny guys who complain all day that they are a 32 inch waist and not a 30. 6, Bears seem powerful and I want a man to protect me.

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