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She blogs for Huffington Post, and is the author of forthcoming "Single, Shy, and Looking For Love: A Dating Guide for the Shy and Socially Anxious" and "When Depression Hurts Your Relationship." Dr.

“Prevalence, Recognition, and Treatment of Comorbid Depression and Anxiety.” Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 62 Suppl. Shannon Kolakowski, Psy D is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice.

If your relationship is struggling, depression may be the culprit.

A resounding body of research has shown how closely depression is related to relationships in a cyclical fashion: depression affects the quality of your relationships, and the features of your relationship can affect your level of depression.

On the other hand, relationship problems such as high conflict, lack of communication, withdrawal, and difficulty resolving problems, can all lead to depression.

A staggering number–75% of people who are depressed–report a lack of sex drive.

While it’s normal to have an ebb and flow of sexual desire within a relationship and within an individual, a long-term lack of sexual connection in your relationship may signal that depression is present.

Moreover, you have trouble having empathy for your partner and hence have less motivation to see things from your partner’s perspective. Men, in particular, who are depressed are more likely to express their depression outwardly.

If you’re a depressed man, you’re more likely to act out your depression through drinking alcohol, becoming aggressive, having affairs, or shutting out your loved ones and withdrawing.

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Wahsington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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  1. While you obviously enjoy time with one another and you’re very compatible in the bedroom, you may only see one another a few times a month. For this article, we’re going to assume that the word “dating” implies an intention to spend time with someone with the ultimate goal of forming a close, romantic bond.