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The unfortunate state of affairs burst dramatically into the public domain this week, when Braybrooke’s oldest daughter, Amanda Murray, used a newspaper interview to reveal her irritation at being deprived of the vast inheritance on account of her gender.‘It boils down to this: if I was a boy, I would be sitting pretty,’ complained Mrs Murray, a 50-year-old interior designer.

‘My poor father had no son, just lots of daughters.

He lives in a house stacked with antique furniture and priceless artworks, and has a cellar full of vintage claret.

At the bottom of his garden is Audley End, a stunning Jacobean stately home, with more than 100 rooms, which used to be the Braybrooke family seat.

Then, two years later, his elder son Richard — by then the eighth Baron Braybrooke — died on a battlefield in Tunisia.

Mr Clegg told Parliament on Tuesday that he was now ‘sympathetic’ to attempts to ‘tackle the gender bias in hereditary titles’.‘Think if the equivalent happened in a middle-class family: if everyone worked and did their bit, and then the children were one day told that they must give away their home.‘I am managing the estate, including the steam railway, so I am already doing a man’s job,’ she argued.First, Mrs Murray’s plight eerily mirrors that of the fictional Lady Mary Crawley, eldest daughter of the Earl of Grantham, in the hit TV show Downton Abbey.Despite all that cheerful procreation, his collected wives have failed to produce a single son.The 11th Lord Braybrooke will be the next-in-line male relative Richard Neville, Robin’s unmarried 35-year-old fourth cousin, once removed, who lives above a hair salon in Battersea, south-west London and works as an internet entrepreneur. For a special covenant laid down by the seventh Baron Braybrooke, Henry Neville, before his death in 1941, will result in Audley End Estate, worth hundreds of millions of pounds, passing to Louise Newman, a 53-year-old from Devon whose mother was Henry Neville’s daughter.

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