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As James grew he worked, like all children in those days, for his father on the farm and in his father's carding business.

Carding was a popular business as wool and cotton had to be disentangled from clumps of fibre into a continuous thread for cloth manufacture by the use of cards which were basic brushes with wire pins that stripped the wool into straight fibres.

Over the winter of 1851-52 James, now 22, is found helping in the construction of a saw and grist mill (grain grinding) for one Colonel S Given in Nicholas County.There was no under-feed mechanism and no bottom thread.See the slipper that pulled the work through on top!Over the next few years James tried his hand at what he knew best, the carding business, but each attempt failed to make a living, it was a highly competitive trade with many slave owners undercutting prices.So James tried a bit of work as a carpenter, machinist, millwright and even a bit of surveying until he sliced a chunk out of his own kneecap while clearing pines in West Virginia.

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