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University of Western Ontario professor Roderic Beaujot discusses the phenomenon of delayed home-leaving at length.

He cites Canadian census statistics showing that, in 1981, 27.5% of Canadians aged 20–29 lived with their parents; in 2001, the figure had grown to 41%.)The U. Census Bureau reported a 5 percent point increase in the number of young men (ages 24–34) living with their parents for the period between 2005 (14%) and 2011 (19%).

Moving back home allows them the option of unpaid internships and additional schooling without the burden of paying rent at market rates (or paying rent at all).

Boogaloo tells him to leave, but Mashi Maro continues to eat his carrot.

Boogaloo gets angry, and throws the banana he was eating at Mashi Maro and tells him to leave, but Mashi Maro continues to eat.

Das sind die Techno Classics (Techno Lieder), bei denen nicht nur damals sondern auch heute noch die Endorphine strömen.

Melodien, die nach 20 Jahren unvergessen sind und auch in 20 Jahren noch zu den absoluten Techno-All-Time-Favorites gehören.

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