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As I like to describe it, Fred is like a mixed tape I made in college, except it never ends, and it almost never repeats.You can listen for hours and hours, sometimes even days, without hearing the same song twice I'll occasionally surf the dial and tune into other stations for a while, like XMU (channel 43 -- mostly alternative, modeled after college radio), the Unsigned artist channel (52), or, when I feel like chilling out Audio Visions (channel 77, New Age), or XM Classics (channel 110, Classical).

In some spots, when mountains blocked the satellite signal and no terrestrial repeaters were to be found, the reception did fade in and out, but once I left the more mountainous regions, reception became more consistent.

I gotta say, it's nice being able to listen to one good station for a 5 hour drive, let alone my choice of one of 150 stations.

Particularly in less populated areas where the pickins for local radio stations are slim ("oh, we've got both kinds of music here, Country and Western").

But as much as I liked the Polk unit, and the XM programming, this technology was really made to "go mobile." Yes, you can get a dedicated XM radio for your car.

Some factory head-units are XM ready and there are many aftermarket choices, but then you'll pay one subscription fee for the car and another for a home or portable radio.

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