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At MTC, you're respected as the individual you are.

Most campers coming to MTC for the first time do not know any other campers. Because MTC only caters to 13 – 17 year old campers, we are free to create activities, events and schedules that are developmentally appropriate for teens only!

But this is the time to wear every item in your closet purchased on sale from the J. Cashmere blend, cashmere blend, plaid-printed cashmere blend.

Camping Valalta has been the winner of this prestigious award for 11 years in a row thanks to its beautiful location, rich gastronomic offer and numerous sports and recreational amenities.

And because our program is elective, those who want to concentrate on the arts, or music, or water sports are free to do so.

Teenagers NEED a break from the school year, not more of the same.

We provide the supervision, 3:1 staffing ratio, and stability that only summer camp can provide. The counselors, they always are the best and make it a great FUN time, mixed with feeling good about herself and COMFORTABLE to be yourself and silly.

Many families don't yet know about summer camp for teens, but they should - Maine Teen Camp makes no compromise in providing the best teen summer experience.

MTC offers the diversity of an international camp experience, shared sense of community, inclusive, safe and well-supervised social environment to provide the basis for a fun summer, packed full of new experiences, the exploration of new activities, and age-appropriate challenge that teens need to grow, and gain confidence and independence.

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