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I would always find the new update before Flash Player said there was an update..I don't like auto-updates for most things, but for Flash Player it seems to be ok so far.Perhaps, because it might be an incompatible security product is the reason the package is "Unsafe".

IMPORTANT: Please download and install the Flash Professional CS5 Update 11.0.2 prior to installing this update for i OS.Here is a simple step-by-step guide to check which version of Flash you are using, how to update it, and how to change your update settings if necessary. Firstly, if you’re having problems installing Flash Player, make sure you read Adobe’s comprehensive guide to installing Flash whichever browser you are using.This guide will automatically detect which version of Flash you are currently using and display it dynamically: 2.And downloaded Flash player again , nothing changed . English is not my native language, I hope it is possible to read.But box displays says everything ok and showing version of flash player.

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