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5.5 CAF members who are known to be, or have declared themselves to be involved, in a personal relationship shall normally not be posted to the same unit.If the unit is of sufficient size that posting the CAF members involved is unlikely to have an adverse effect on the security, cohesion, discipline or morale of the unit, they may be posted to same unit, but not the same sub-unit.

For the World War II army of Germany, see German Army (Wehrmacht).FLOWERY BRANCH, GA — A man at a Gwinnett County church did not break the law when he flipped a middle finger at his pastor during a moment intended to honor teachers in the congregation.The Supreme Court of Georgia on Monday overturned the conviction of David Justin Freeman, who had been found guilty of disorderly conduct.3.2 In keeping with professional military values, leaders and the chain of command have a responsibility to uphold standards of conduct in relation to personal relationships and fraternization, through personal example, as well as the judicious use of administrative and disciplinary action.3.3 The following table sets out the objectives of this DAOD and the means to achieve them: 4.1 CAF members in a personal relationship shall refrain from conduct that may be considered unprofessional in a military context.

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5.6 CAF members who form a personal relationship shall normally complete current postings, provided the work relationship does not have a negative effect on the security, cohesion, discipline or morale of the unit.

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