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One grant to a George Booth (a relative of our ancestor George) can still be positioned by the river, the mountains and an existing track along its southern boundary.

Our more recent Jamaican family were livestock farmers, “pen keepers”.

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Ann’s parents came from well established Jamaican families, 2 of whom were very early immigrants from Barbados.

Francis, son of John & Rebecca is variously described as “1” or senior to differentiate him from his son and grand son Francis.

A small effect of the 1692 earthquake was that the rental account books were all lost, so that those landholders who were in arrears (probably most) escaped payment.

The areas granted varied from less than 10 acres up to 1000 or more, although most were up to 300.

The general impression of Jamaican planters is that they were all rich sugar producers: some were, but not all.Rebecca Wright was the daughter of Francis Wright, son of William & Elizabeth Wright, (although her baptism does not name a father, she was bought and manumitted as a baby by him, making it almost certain that he was her father); John’s son, Francis snr’s wife, Ann, was the daughter of Andrew Wright (son of Francis Wright & Anna Maria Booth) and Ruth Sinclair (the daughter of John Hayle Sinclair and Judith Burton and a mestize or octoroon), so Francis Maitland’s mother and his wife’s father were half first cousins.Our earliest known ancestors on the Island were George Booth and Francis Burton, both of whom migrated from Barbados in the 1660’s as Jamaica opened up after the English invasion of 1655 and the Spanish departure in 1660.There were still grants being made into the 19C; if a new owner failed to cultivate the land within a specified period or failed to pay the rent, they lost it, and it was re-granted to others.Land soon began changing hands by mortgage, sale etc.

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