Updating kde mandrake

Windows always demanded constant tweaks, because it never behaved the way I expected or wanted it to.I spent hours browsing for apps and fixes, making visual changes, organizing partitions and folders, finding and setting up antivirus programs, scanning for malware, and doing a host of other similar tasks.I was ready to give up and resign myself to Windows again when I stumbled upon Luna.Impressed by its appearance and reviews, I decided to give it a shot.But thanks to the Ubuntu-based Elementary OS Luna, I’ve given up Windows for good. In what ways does it fare better than my previous OS, Windows 7? When it was time to swap DOS (pre-installed) with a different OS, I decided to go with Linux, because I was tired of all the work involved in customizing Windows to my satisfaction.I looked for a few Linux distros, and opted for Petra, the latest version of Linux Mint.But a fresh Luna installation has worked its magic on the dying machine.That makes me wonder if I could have done without the upgrade to the netbook.

Here’s what convinced me that e OS Luna is a better bet than Windows 7.The file manager is different from its Windows 7 counterpart in some ways.For example, the button is on the left and apps open on single clicks.While installing apps on Windows is not difficult, it is not straightforward either.You have to scout the Web for reviews of a program, find its right version, monitor its download, and get through various dialog boxes before you can use the program.

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I consider the absence of desktop icons a big plus, and in time I have gotten used to it.

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