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Communication Theory & Methodology Division The Logic of Argument Quality: Rethinking How Strong and Weak Arguments Are Operationalized • Betsy Anderson, University of St.Thomas and Marco Yzer, University of Minnesota • This article describes how “argument quality,” an important construct in the attitude & persuasion and message processing literature, is currently defined conceptually and operationally.News, Neighborhoods, and the Need for Understanding: The Cultural Competence of Journalists • Dianne Garyantes, Temple University • The need for understanding diverse cultures is an urgent priority, given increasing globalization and ongoing military conflicts.Yet, journalists have long been criticized for their inability to represent people who are culturally different from themselves.Blogs in the sample—authored by Palestinian descendents as well as Palestinian advocates of other nationalities—were examined in terms of political content and treatment of Israel, and for differences in content due to language, nationality of the author (Palestinian, American, Egyptian, British etc.), and authors’ location (whether they resided in Israeli-controlled territory or other countries).

Specifically, this study examines the effect of television viewing on female and male college students in order to understand what affect television viewing may have on the consumer.Content management systems (CMS) allow journalists to remotely input content, edit and deliver the final product to print and Web-based publications.The Litigious “Wall”: Reviewing China’s Regulations of the Internet from a Positive Perspective • Xudong Liu; Southern Illinois University Carbondale • This paper discussed numerous approaches applied by the Chinese government to monitor or constrain the Internet users. The paper proposed that, due to the complicated IT technology and the Chinese government’s in-efficiency in carrying out those policies, those who use the Internet were not petrified and the regulations failed in many cases. Obama Girl: A Rhetorical Analysis of Gender, Race, and Age in the 2008 Presidential Primary Campaign • Erin Armstrong; E. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University • This qualitative case study analyzes general rhetorical components of the official websites for Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the 2008 primary campaign.This paper explores the cultural competence of 83 undergraduate journalism students reporting on diverse urban neighborhoods.Findings indicate important implications for journalism education, including that overcoming language barriers and informally talking with local people are key factors in cultural competence.

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This project combines rhetorical analysis of communications material published by the Lance Armstrong Foundation with data from young adult cancer survivor interviews to identify a dominant cancer narrative and examine how cancer patients challenge this narrative.

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