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It wasn't really until three-time Olympic champion Sonja Henie came to Hollywood in the '30s — bringing with her short skirts, white skates, and a whole lot of sultry cuteness — that skating became, in the public eye, a primarily girls' sport.Already by mid-century, Skating magazine worried about the lack of boys.Most male skaters and officials are committed to keeping their sport in the closet, whether that means choosing "masculine" music, hinting about a girlfriend, or outright denying any connection to homosexuality.A figure skater can never quite outskate the judges' opinion of him, and judges and institutions, it turns out, are notoriously conservative — as some would say, "family-friendly." At the National Championships, which took place this January in Boston, a phrase I heard often was "don't ask, don't tell."It's not that skating hasn't had out gay athletes.He has been repeatedly referenced in South Park, usually preceded by the catchphrase "What would Brian Boitano do?

You can’t tell me that if Jeremy Abbott came out as gay that it would affect his standing in the skating world.”To insiders, though, it's no surprise that skaters are reluctant to speak out on LGBT rights, let alone come out themselves.[CARTMAN] I want this V-chip out of me It has stunted my vocabulary [KYLE] And I just want my mom To stop fighting everyone [STAN] For Wendy I'll be an activist, too' 'Cause that's what Brian Boitanno'd do![THREE BOYS] And what would Brian Boitano do He'd call all the kids in town And tell them to unite for true That's what Brian Boitano would do [Interlude] When Brian Boitano traveled through time To the year 3010 He fought the evil robot king And saved the human race again [CARTMAN] And when Brian Boitano built the pyramids He beat up Kubla Khan [STAN, KYLE] 'Cause Brian Boitano doesn't take shit from [THREE BOYS] Anybody!So what exactly is male figure skating — which has the potential to be a gay haven in the world of sports — so afraid of?Until the early 1900s, figure skating was mostly a way for wealthy men to show off their aristocratic grace and ample spare time by skating elegant figures and positions on the ice.

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